The winery is located in the municipal district of Ausejo, 30 km east of Logroño in the heart of the Rioja Oriental area of the "Denominación de Origen Calificada" (DOC) Rioja, occupying the center of an extensive municipal area (56'7 Km2) in the Ocon Valley.

Ausejo has an extraordinary recognition of its wines worldwide. It brings together a series of very favorable conditions for the cultivation of the vineyard that the Romans already observed, verified and practiced and has been maintained over time, improving it with the knowledge learned.


Placed at the south of Ebro´s river, it is highly influenced by the Mediterranean climate, dampened by the altitude of the area (560 m above sea level). It sits in the last foothills of Sierra de la Hez, which brings freshness on summer nights and moderate storms, with an average rainfall of 350 l / m2.

The diversity of soils, different altitudes of the terrain, slopes with different orientations, diversity of grape varieties, in short, a great variety of microclimates, contribute to our wines great complexity, high quality and a characteristic typicality of our winery.


Most of the grapes that enter our winery comes from our partners, which allows us to:

  • Being able to manage the cultivation of all our production, maintaining, thanks to the professionalism of our partners, excellence in the care of our grapes.

  • Control all phases of the winemaking process, from the elaboration of the wine, its ageing and to the bottling.