Serving wine, what is the ideal temperature?

Serving wine, what is the ideal temperature?

To taste wine, you have to find the right moment, the glass and the right temperature. And perhaps the latter is the most important variable. We have all heard that white wines should be served very cold and red ones at room temperature. Unfortunately, strictly following this expression coined in France centuries ago, can spoil a good experience.

It is important to bear in mind that in past times there were no heaters and the bottles were kept in very cold underground cellars. Possibly the dining rooms of that times should not be more than 18 degrees and that must be the room temperature to which the many times that quoted phrase refers to.

The more complex the wine is, the warmer it should be served, but never exceeding the 17-18º C corresponding to reserve and grand reserve red wines. These are generally the recommended temperatures:

  • Young white wines. Between 7 and 10ºC. At a lower temperature, the aromas would be masked and would present a tasteless flavor.
  • Crianza white wines. Between 10 and 12ºC. In this way they maintain the fruit aromas.
  • Young red wines. Between 12 and 15ºC. So we can appreciate its freshness.
  • Crianza red wines. Between 14 and 17ºC. This range ensures the relevance of the tannins.
  • Reserve red wines. Between 17 and 18ºC. If we consume them at a higher temperature, the flavors and aromas of ageing are masked and those coming from the alcohol would stand out.

Serving temperature of the wine determines its aroma, flavor and even its touch. By the way, to cool a bottle of wine quickly and efficiently, it is best to use an ice bucket with water. On the opposite, it is not advisable to do it through the freezer, as the change is too abrupt. And how can we know the temperature at which the bottle is? We leave the answer for another post.